TOEFL Taking Hints
Interesting pieces of advice for students planning to take a TOEFL test. Learn what you have yet to improve before taking TOEFL.
TOEFL Taking Hints

Get to know different TOEFL formats and their score requirements

toefl-taking-hintsNowadays the great majority of countries gives preferences to the Internet based TOEFL test (iBT). Therefore, every potential participant is to make sure which test he/she will be taking before beginning the preparation for the TOEFL. In case computer based test (CBT) is used in some country, no person from it will have to take this kind of test, and it is not possible to choose to take the paper based TOEFL test. As for the questions, most of them are rather similar; however, there are several new questions, which can only be answered on a computer. The Internet – based test, as well as the computer based one use visual stimuli and have a written portion.

The TOEFL is the test, which every non–native English student has to pass, in case if he/she wants to go to some post secondary school in the United States. Therefore, there are lots of people, who are going to take the TOEFL test because they wish to apply to some specific school or program. Anyway, no matter what your aim is, you should better get to know what the requirements are for the school you are going to go to, before you begin to prepare for your TOEFL test. In addition, it is extremely necessary to keep in mind that the scores for the paper based TOEFL test are somewhat different than the ones for the computer based and Internet based tests. As for the average minimum score, which is necessary to get -- it is about 550 (paper based test), 215 (computer based test), 70 (Internet based test). However, it should also be pointed out that most highly prestigious universities, such as Harvard, for example, expect people to achieve higher writing skills than speaking skills. And, finally, you should keep in mind that any TOEFL scores are only valid for no longer than two years.

Practice taking the test
It is widely considered that the best way to become ready for the TOEFL test is to practice doing all kinds of tests. In case if you are going to take the TOEFL test, you teacher will have to provide you with a great amount of different learning material. And what should you do if you are going to prepare for the TOEFL on your own? The answer is then you should get several most important resources: a text book with lots of exercises, CDs, vocabulary and as much of different practice tests, as possible. You should also get explanatory answers. Remember, it is not always necessary to work through some book from its very beginning and up to its end; you can work on the sections, which you consider to be the most challenging for you. And it is also necessary to keep in mind that nobody should rely on one book, because it is quite possible that the book one has would be much easier, than the official TOEFL questions.  It would be a good idea to look on the Internet for some free samples, in order to supplement your textbook.

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