TOEFL Taking Hints
Interesting pieces of advice for students planning to take a TOEFL test. Learn what you have yet to improve before taking TOEFL.
TOEFL Taking Hints

Learn to concentrate your attention
you should get to know beforehand, that the TOEFL tests will take you quite a long time to write. In case if you are going to take the paper based test, it will take you not less than 2,5 hours. As for the Internet based and computer based tests, they usually take much longer to be completed. It is quite possible to spend more than 4 hours sitting at the computer and doing the test. And the majority of students have an attention span of approximately two hours – the maximum length of their classes. As this amount of time comes to its end, the performance usually starts to get weaker and weaker. And if someone keeps his / her study sessions to one or two hours, the brain of this person is not prepared to work for four hours in a row. This is why everyone, who is going to take the TOEFL test, should start off with short study sessions and then continuously work up to the longer ones. In addition, you can remind yourself that there is this long test coming soon just a few days before the test day. And as for the night before the test, it is extremely necessary to get a good sleep during it, because one simply can not afford himself / herself to be tired at the test day.

Arrive to the test prepared
It is extremely important to arrive at the test center having all the things you might need with you. The reason of it is that it is only in this case you will feel calm and ready remember, that when a person is nervous his memory is not able to work as well. It is also necessary to mention that you are to make sure you are aware of how to get to the test center and find out about the parking place so, that you will not find yourself driving around and looking for a place to park your car. It is also necessary to take the correct amount of money for parking. in case if you are going to pass the paper – based TOEFL test, then it will be necessary to have several pencils, a pencil sharpener as well as a couple of erasers, which would not smudge. As for the computer – based test, you will have to have a pencil in order to write the essay, in case if you prefer not to type it. And do not forget about another extremely important issue – your identification is to look valid. In case if you have ever had any problems with your ID before, it is necessary to make sure to brink a backup photo with you. And, finally, do not forget any paper work, which ETS sends you in order to prove theta you have registered.

Watch your time
In case if you are going to take the paper – based TOEFL test, it will be very important to have a watch on. The reason of it is that it is quite possible that there will be no clock in the room, where you will be passing your test. As for the computer – based test, you will have a clock on the screen in front of you, but still, you should wear a watch in order to make sure that you will not arrive too late. And another tip – watch your time extremely closely, because there are lots of students, who do poorly on their TOEFL test simply because they spend too much precious time on difficult questions. Try not to spend longer than one minute on every question. And remember, that you will have only 30 minutes to write the essay at the end of the computer based test. However, you should spend at least 5 minutes planning it, and try to save at least 5 minutes at the end of the test writing in order to be able to check your work.

Read the instructions carefully
There are tutorials available on the computer based TOEFL test, which will help you understand how to answer the questions in the proper way. You should better not skip the tutorials, and do not get worried about the time, because you receive several extra minutes to use them. You may be feeling more comfortable with these tutorials, in addition, you also become more familiar with the keyboard and mouse, because either or both of them may be slightly different from the computer you have at home or at school.

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