Specific Test Taking Tips
Read general tips concerning multiple choice, true-false and short answer questions. Consider instructions and raise you results.
Specific Test Taking Tips

multipleMultiple Choice Questions
 # Read the question and think of answer before you look at the given answer. In this way the choices given on the test won't trick you. 
 # Read all the choices before choosing your answer. 
 # If you don’t know the exact answer, exclude answers you know aren't right. 
 # Do not leave blanks instead of answers.
 # Take an educated guess
 # Change your answer only if you misunderstood the question. Usually the first choice is the right one.
 # Do not choose “None of the above", if you are certain one of the statements is true. And do not choose “All of the above” if you are certain one of the statements is false.
 # If you see that there are at least two correct statements, then "All of the above" is probably the answer. 
 # Usually there are more positive answers in every test than.
 # Usually the correct answer is the choice with the most information.

True-False Questions
 # Usually there are more true answers than false in most tests. 
 # If you do not know the exact answer, take an educated guess
 # If you do not know the exact answer and try to guess, you have a 50% chance of getting the right answer. It is better than get zero (if you do not answer at all).
 # Pay attention to the qualifiers and keywords in each statement.
 # If any part of the question is false, then the entire statement is false; but the statement is not true only if one part of a statement is true.

Short Answer Questions
 # Try to anticipate questions that will be asked on the test and prepare for them.
 # Do not leave an answer blank; write down your thoughts, even if you don't get the exact answer. Partial credit is better than none. 
 # If you don't know the answer, come back to it after you finish the rest of the test and make an educated guess (if you do the test in which returning to previous tasks is possible).
 # Sometimes other parts of the test may give you clues to what the answer may be. 
 # If you can think up of more than one answer for a question, ask the instructor what to do. 
 # Read the question carefully and make sure that you answer everything that it asks for; some short answer questions have multiple parts.