Score High on TOEFL Vocabulary
Get to know some valuable practical tips on how to prepare for the TOEFL Vocabulary section. Make sure you are aware of different areas the Vocabulary section tests.
Score High on TOEFL Vocabulary

Your school English grades do not play any role, because you have everything you need to excel in English. It is quite possible that you have been the best English student in your class, but in case if you took the TOEFL test right now, your score could be way below average. Therefore, on the other hand, it can also be so that your English grades might always have been rather mediocre, but with the help of a concentrated systematic training and lots of practice you can do just brilliantly at your TOEFL exam. In addition, you are to forget about any notion that you are to have “a talent for languages” in order to be able to master English language. Can you speak your mother tongue in a fluent way? In case if your answer is “yes”, then you already know all the basic principles of learning a language. And then all you have to do is to put the min to practice in a more goal-oriented way.

It is not a secret for you that it is possible to assess and evaluate your ability to use English in an academic context with the help of the TOEFL test. And here goes another of the fundamental facts, which you have to understand if you are going to prepare successfully for your TOEFL test: there does not exist such a thing as “TOEFL vocabulary”. When you look in the Internet or brows your local book store, you possibly come across dozens of books and hundreds of websites, which claim they would teach you this “essential TOEFL words” or “the special TOEFL phrases”, and so on. Therefore, you are to be extremely careful when you encounter products like these, simply because they would most likely trick you into considering that it is possible to learn the “TOEFL vocabulary” by heart. And this is a complete nonsense. If you remember, the purpose of the TOEFL test is to assess and evaluate your ability to apply English in an academic context and never to assess and evaluate your ability either to understand or to memorize TOEFL vocabulary.

As soon as you realize this basic concept, it will become much easier for you to score high in the actual TOEFL test. It is also extremely necessary to realize and to keep in mind that the very idea of the TOEFL test is completely different from the rest of tests, for example from the one you have to pass when you are going to obtain the driver’s license. In case of a language examination, there is an unlimited number of possible questions, so learning some certain sentences by heart does not make much sense. Instead of this it would be useful to analyze which language items should be focused on during the TOEFL preparation process and hot to master the appropriate and necessary vocabulary and information in the most effective way.

So, let us consider the areas of the English language, which are covered in the TOEFL test. As you have probably got to know already, the TOEFL test is used as an entrance exam for those people, who desire to study at a university in an English speaking country. And when you enroll in an academic study course, it is necessary to have sufficient English knowledge in order to be able to follow the program, to take notes and to express the main ideas. And because the TOEFL test is not intended for students of a particular subject or major, it is necessary to learn the basic vocabulary of quite a wide range of topics. And here comes the overview of the sciences with a brief description. When you read the text, there is no necessity to look for a translation of all unfamiliar words in a bilingual dictionary, and instead of this you should better get focused on the words you already know and guess the meaning of the new ones. The reason of it is because the aim is to understand the general meaning of the text. Therefore, in case if you see that there are too many words, which are not familiar for you, you can possibly use an English – English dictionary in order to be able to look up some of the main key words there.

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