TOEFL Requirements
Read on to learn how to know the fundamental requirements previous to taking the TOEFL to prepared well.
TOEFL Requirements
The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) determines how well a person understands and uses English. People whose first language is not English may be required to show acceptable performance on the TOEFL to get admission to a college or university at which English is the essential language. Previous to taking the test, you are required to know how to plan for the test.

Planning for the Test
  Listen to English-speaking radio programs frequently to become relaxed with the rhythms, sounds and speed of the spoken language. Make a point of listening to dissimilar kinds of voices. When probable, concentrate on English as it is spoken in North America.

  Ask your English instructor if he or she feels you are ready to take the test.

  Read all the information given on the TOEFL website. Since the website is written in English, you can get a feeling for how well you gain and make use of information from the written language. The website gives details where and when you can take the test, how to record and the price of the test.

  Practice with the example test questions on the TOEFL website.

  Make a decision whether you will be taking the paper-based test or the Internet-based test. The TOEFL website will give you the information you need to make that decision.

Taking the Test
  Take the Internet-based test if you choose, which is described comprehensively on the TOEFL website. Practice questions are offered there to give you a good idea of what the test looks like.
  Complete the paper-based test as an option, which will take about three and a half hours. The majority of the questions are multiple choice. The test includes a Listening section that concentrates on English as spoken in Ntoefl_requirementsorth America, a Structure and Written Language section, which tests knowledge of standard English and a Reading Comprehension section. Additionally, the test comprises a test of your aptitude to write on an assigned topic.

  Budget your time. As you work through every section, keep track of how many questions are left and how much time remains. When you cannot make a decision about the right answer to a question you should move on to the next one. If there is additional time after you finish the section, you can go back to any questions that you have not answered.