Test Preparation
Here you can find out useful TOEFL test preparation ideas. Learn our essential advice and be ready to pass the test without a hitch.
Test Preparation

They say this is the best preparation for this part of the test because there you have to understand short conversations about some general topics and afterwards you have to answer questions about the contents of these conversations. Also you can watch CNN or something like this but, be sure, it´s more fun watching movies and so it is easier to motivate yourself!

The ultimate thing you should do is to write some essays. So, you have 30 minutes for your essay. Then, you will get a topic assigned and then you have to express your opinion, write pro- and contra-arguments or something like this.

All the topics are very simple (by this it means that there is no special knowledge needed) and deal with everyday problems or questions for example you have to express your opinion about a planned new cinema in your hometown or if you think that it is better for kids to grow up in a big city or not.

It may happen that you will not be able to learn them all and this is really not necessary anyway. Tthough you should work on some of the topics to get a feeling of the time and to train how to formulate some easy pro- and contra-arguments in English.

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