Course Schedule and Lessons
Read about the online TOEFL test preparation course. Find out how foreign applicants can demonstrate competency in listening, grammar, reading, and writing by taking the TOEFL test.
Course Schedule and Lessons

Day 1
Get TOEFL Diagnostic Pre-Test; Introduction to the TOEFL; Presentation of tips, insights and strategies
Day 2 through Day 8 (the listening skills covered)
TOEFL Listening Skills Review Course Mastery
Day 9 through Day 15 (the reading skills covered)
TOEFL Reading Skills Review Course Mastery
Day 16 through Day 22 (the writing skills covered)
TOEFL Writing Skills Review Course Mastery 
Day 23 through Day 29 (the grammar skills covered)
TOEFL Grammar Skills Review Course Mastery
Day 30
Get TOEFL Post test 


By taking the full length diagnostic pre-test, you will be able to pinpoint your TOEFL skill weaknesses.  Therefore, you will spend extra time on those areas of the course indicated.
Moreover, upon completion of the course, you will take a full length post-test which will help ascertain if you have mastered the course objectives. So, those who achieve a TOEFL score increase of 30 points or more have succeeded from participating in this course.

Course Objectives

Having taken this course, one is expected to

 Gain familiarity with the directions and test-taking strategies for all sections of the computer based and paper based TOEFL test.

 Employ and sharpen strategies for the listening, grammar, reading, and writing sections of the TOEFL test.

 Become used to TOEFL test-taking conditions by working on timing and concentration while taking the daily practice material.

 Deepen one's general knowledge of academic English.

 Achieve the required score on the TOEFL test.

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