Effective TOEFL Strategies
The TOEFL Test is very popular nowadays and is taken by many people. Many people study on their own, some students undertake coaching classes and tutorials. Pay attention to the tips for effective studying for TOEFL.
Effective TOEFL Strategies

TOEFL is presented in three formats: paper based, computer based and internet based. Get to know what test you are to take. In the case your country applies the iBT you are to take this test.
Pay attention to TOEFL score demands.

TOEFL is a test that make students whose native language is not English worried and embarrassed, but this test is obligatory. Institutions that are more popular have higher TOEFL score. Get to know about the score requirements of the university or college you have chosen. Do not forget that the scores for the paper-based test vary from the scores necessary for the CBT and iBT. The average obligatory minimum score is about 550 (paper test) or 215 (CBT) or 70 (iBT). Some schools pay attention to your scores taken from various sections. Many universities demand better results in writing section than in speaking one. TOEFL scores can be applied within two years.

You should learn academic English.
The TOEFL determines how well you can study at any University or college of America. Thus, you should pay attention to terms heard in the classroom and the language heard on campus. It is effective to read textbooks, newspapers, encyclopedias, journals and research articles.

It is beneficial to apply practice tests.
Have practice tests. Those, who study at a TOEFL class, receive from their teacher study material. Those, who study for the TOEFL without somebody’s assistance, should buy some key resources. It is recommended to buy a textbook with grammar exercises, vocabulary, practice tests and explanatory answers. Pay more attention to the sections that cause difficulties. It is better to use some books that one. Apply the ESL resources available online.

Apply to a qualified mentor.
Frequently students encounter many questions the answer to those is not available in a textbook. Apply to a qualified mentor who will give an answer to all your questions and maintain you in a difficult minute. If you have problems with finding a tutor, apply to a student who has already studied the test.

Have your own plan and tempo of work.
The TOEFL test demands mush time for doing. If you prepare for the iBT or CBT, you need 4 hours of work. Begin with short study sessions and move to longer ones. A good night's sleep is also beneficial. You should be attentive while preparing and doing the test.

Do not be late.
Be on time for writing a test. Have all the necessary things. For writing you should have some pencils, a pencil sharpener and some good erasers. A pen is required for writing the essay on the CBT. Have all the required the paper based test you should have a number of that don't smudge. You will also need a to if you choose not to type it. Don't forget any papers sent by ETS to you to prove that you have already registered.

Do not hinder the speed of your work.
Do not spend more than a minute on one question. Remember that you have only 30 minutes to write the essay at the end of the CBT. 5 minutes are required to plan your essay. Have 5 minutes for checking your work.

Apply the CBT tutorials.
On the CBT you can use tutorials that can help you how to understand and give a proper answer the questions. You have extra time for their apply. They add you more confidence.

Get to know about the CAT (computer adaptive testing).
The first two sections of the CBT are known as computer adaptive. You receive some questions of average difficulty. As soon you answer them, the computer will give you next ones. The first 10-15 questions in each part are very important. In the case, the answer to them is correct, you will have higher score. The next questions do not have such high scores as these ones. Thus, it is important to give a correct answer.

Give an answer to every question.
Do not skip a question. In the case you are not aware of the correct answer, try to guess. On the CBT, it is impossible to skip a question and return to it. As soon as you give an answer a question, you should confirm your answer. It is impossible to change your answers. Thus, you should be very attentive while answering them. The reading section is not computer adaptive. It is possible to skip or change questions, but you need time for it. It is possible to return to the paper test, but students do not find time for it.

Have clear corrections. 
In the case of undergoing the paper test, do not forget that a machine will check and mark your test. Fill in only one circle. Apply a sharp dark pencil. Do not apply a pen! Be sure that all unnecessary information is erased.