Before and After the Test
Read some pieces of advice that will help you to organize your time and activity before and after the test.
Before and After the Test

 Before the Test 
 ••• If your intention is to pass the TOEFL test, consider taking the TOEFL preparatory course.
 ••• Studying at the TOEFL courses, preparing with coach or alone with a help of particularized literature, complete your assignments thoroughly and review study materials on a regular basis.
 ••• Estimate your time, make sure you have sufficient time to study so that you are well prepared for the test.
 ••• Pay more attention to that topics you are not good at to improve your English skills filling blanks.
 ••• If you study at the courses or with the coach, pay attention to hints that the instructor may give about the test. Take notes, remember important aspects and ask questions when you confused about some items.
before_after ••• Ask the trainer to specify the areas that will be mostly used on the test. 
 ••• Do not miss the classes (during the course) and time you divided special for the preparation.
 ••• Go over the material advised for preparation, answer sample questions, review material, the textbook, manuals, class and your personal notes.
 ••• Do not stay hungry before a test, since food will give you energy and help you think effectively. Avoid heavy foods wrong way it will make you groggy.
 ••• Better for you is to find time for sleeping during preparation and especially before the test.
 ••• You can put the main rules or ideas onto a sheet in a way that can be quickly reviewed many times.
 ••• To be sure in time limits you can use your own watch. Usually alarm is not allowed to use.
 ••• Go to the bathroom before the test, to feel comfortable during the test and not to worry about your bodily needs.

 After the Test 
 ••• A useful advice for tests in general is to look through and analyze your mistakes when you get your test back to understand your weak points and improve them in the future.
 ••• One important thing is to understand your mistakes, and if you don't know the right answer to a question, look it up or ask somebody who know.