20 TOEFL Tips
Preparing to something important in our life sometimes we forget valuable details and then regrett, but what to do when we do not have possibility to change the result. Read 20 tips that will help you to get well prepared to the TOEFL Test.
20 TOEFL Tips

11. Answer every question
Do not leave the blank instead of answer. If you do not know the answer, think logically, try to guess, think twice and then write the answer, as very often students do not have the possibility to go back to the same questions again because of time limit.

12. Secrets for the Listening section
If you are confident in an answer don't look back at a listening question. While preparation do not play the tape or CD more than once, as on the real test you will be able to hear everything once. You have to train your ears to listen right the first time.

13. Secrets for the Structure section
This section has been eliminated for the TOEFL iBT. Many students say that this is the most difficult part of the TOEFL test. Don't get embarrassed by the difficult words. Many native speakers are not familiar with the scientific terms in these sentences. Your task consists in identifying the parts of the sentence and not in understanding their meaning. Your job is to make a sentence correct. Define a subject and a verb, looking at the punctuation in the sentence. The structure, for example, prepositional phrase or noun clause, will also help you to form the sentence even if you don't understand what it means.

14. Secrets for the Reading section
Again, your task is not to understand everything. Skim through the passage, read the questions, then read for more detail. The questions usually come in the order they appear in the passage. Mainly, this section contains main idea questions. You will be asked at least two vocabulary questions from each reading and several detailed and inference questions. You will not have time to reread a whole passage.

15. Secrets for the Writing section
The most important thing in organizing your essay is to keep your writing simple and clear. Don't use vocabulary and punctuation that you are unsure of. Use lots of effective examples to support your essay. Memorize some transitional phrases and practice using them, as they will make your essay read smoothly. Always leave several minutes to review what you have written.

16. Make your corrections clear
If you are taking the paper test, remember that a machine will be marking your test. Use a sharp dark pencil. When erasing something, make sure it is completely erased. Very often students lose points for being careless with their pencils and erasers.

17. Dress in comfortable clothing
You should feel comfortable to think better and give the best result. You never know if the room for the test will be cold or warm, so be ready to any situation.

18. Make sure to eat before the test
Again, you should be satisfied. But do not eat too much before the test as your stomach will work more than your brain. Do not eat anything mistrusting before the test.

19. Refer to the official TOEFL website
The official TOEFL website has a number of helpful things that you can download for free. They will supply you with a list of writing topics for the essay. You can also find important information about test centres and test updates. Many of your questions can be answered here. You will also get hints about which resources are worth buying.

20. Scores
Scores for the iBT are available online 15 days after you take the test. For paper based and computer based TOEFL contact the test centre and ask for a Score Report Request Form.

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