Studying TOEFL Abroad
Learn about the advantages of taking TOEFL preparation courses abroad and what opportunities most schools in English-speaking countries provide.
Studying TOEFL Abroad

Not only is it possible to take a TOEFL preparation course as well as the exam itself in your own country, but also go abroad and study in one of the English-speaking countries. Of course, it is more cost demanding but the advantages are obvious. The benefits of native speaking surrounding include the increase in fluency of the language and the improvement of both listening comprehension and speaking.

Today thousands of schools in the USA, Great Britain, Australia and Canada provides TOEFL preparation courses that help to improve English language skill in a relatively short period of time. The point is that when you are surrounded by English all the day round, you cannot help improving your language skills. The time spent in the country where English is a native language equals to several years of learning English in your own country.

Although different schools offer different course schedules, most courses include:
- 20 hours of classes per week (4 hours a day);
- small classes (7-10 students per class);
- training in grammar, reading and listening comprehension, speaking and vocabulary.
- practice tests taken every week and reviewed with the instructor for better evaluation and analysis;
- assistance in the TOEFL registration process.

Successful TOEFL completion results in the opportunities of admission to academic institutions both in the English-speaking countries and other countries throughout the world.

studying-abroadThe only precaution that must be taken is great care when choosing the school to learn for the TOEFL. When you are going to leave your native country and travel abroad to study English, you should make sure you don’t waste your time and financial resources. For this, check the information about the school in the internet, contact them directly and inquire everything that you feel is necessary, relevant and important. Finally, try to pay for the shortest time in advance, which will enable you to evaluate how proficient and effective the course is and how satisfied with the training you are, and, if necessary, change the school or trainer.