Written Task Samples: Word Order
Do you think you are good at English word order exercises? Yes or not, fulfil the TOEFL word order sample test to check your skills.
Written Task Samples: Word Order

1. Because of its warm tropical climate, Hawaii __________ subzero temperatures.
A. almost experiences never
B. experiences never almost
C. experiences almost never
D. almost never experiences
Answer: D

2. In flush financial times, ________ on Wall Street may employ as many as 800 stock brokers and managers.
A. a brokerage typical stock
B. typically stock, a brokerage
C. a stock typical brokerage
D. a typical stock brokerage
Answer: D

3. Even at the peak of its power, the circulating column of air at the core of a tornado ________ in excess of 250 miles per hour.
A. almost never reaches
B. reaches almost never
C. almost reaches never
D. reaches never almost
Answer: A

4. Among the many unusual creatures of the high Nepalese forests _________ with genetic ties hearkening back to the time of mammoths.
A. a breed is of unusual elephants
B. is an unusual breed of elephants
C. an unusual breed is of elephants
D. elephants are an unusual breed
Answer: B

5. Not only __________ a strong swimmer but also, as its name suggests, it can walk for miles with little rest.
A. the booby blue footed is
B. the blue footed booby is
C. is the blue footed booby
D. footed is the booby blue
Answer: C

6. "Earth" is a __________ appearing in somewhat impure or diluted form.
A. naturally occurring metal oxide
B. occurred naturally oxide metal
C. oxide metal occurring naturally
D. metal occurring naturally oxide
Answer: A

7. Wagner's son, Siegfried, was __________ despite being devoid of originality and force.
A. a man young, talented extremely
B. a young man, extremely talented
C. a talented young man extremely
D. an extremely talented young man
Answer: D

8. __________, Buffon, studied tree sloths intensively before dying in 1788
A. The great French naturalist
B. The naturally great French
C. The French greatly natural
D. Naturally, the great French
Answer: A

9. __________ the import trade appreciate the proportion of imported food and drug stuffs.
A. Few persons not associated with
B. Not few persons associated with
C. Associated with not a few persons
D. With not a few persons associated,
Answer: A

10. Beaver dams vary in size from __________ to branchy shrubbed obstacles thwarting the flow of water.
A. log barriers large
B. large log barriers
C. barriers log large
D. log large barriers
Answer: B