Written Task Samples: Verb
Check your knowledge of using verb in different structures. Improve your skill if necessary.
Written Task Samples: Verb

1. In the XXI century population on the Earth __________ to increase.
A. continuing
B. which continue
C. continues
D. that it has continued
Answer: C

2. Alcohol intake, as well as any other pernicious habits ________ avoided by most people who want to feel good, be healthy and live a long life.
A. must being
B. which must
C. must be
D. must
Answer: C

3. In recent months, the final mapping of the human genome ________ the range of medical treatments and cures available to those suffering from various diseases.
A. has extended
B. extends
C. will extend
D. will have extended
Answer: A

4. Intelligent life on other planets, while remaining an intriguing possibility, ________ yet to be discovered.
A. has
B. has been
C. has not
D. have
Answer: A

5. Despite being basically arboreal in nature, koalas ________ to inhabit a specific territory and range of some 30 square miles.
A. knowing
B. which know
C. are knowing
D. are known
Answer: D

6. Initially elected as a labor leader, Jimmy Hoffa _________ mysteriously.
A. vanishing
B. who vanished
C. vanished
D. vanishes
Answer: C

7. Broccoli _________ best in gardens having loose, well-composted soil, and full sunlight.
A. had grown
B. grows
C. growing
D. which grows
Answer: B

8. Many of the novels of Kurt Vonnegut __________ a remarkable skepticism about the ultimate value of technological advances.
A. display
B. will have displayed
C. they display
D. had displayed
Answer: A

9. Because copper is nonconductive, it __________ for housing electrical cords and circuitry.
A. values
B. is valued
C. is being valuable
D. has valued
Answer: B

10. Numerous performances of Mozart's operas __________ in Austria long before the beginning of the 19th century.
A. perform
B. had been performed
C. had performed
D. were performing
Answer: B