Written Task Samples: Subject
Train your ability to use subject in English speech in different situations. Answer the TOEFL sample questions.
Written Task Samples: Subject

1. __________ was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for his work on the photoelectric effect.
A. That Einstein
B. It was Einstein
C. Einstein who
D. Einstein
Answer: D

2. ________ of Willa Catha present an unadorned picture of life on the prairies of the Midwestern United States during the 19th century.
A. The stories who
B. That the novels
C. The novels which
D. The novels
Answer: D

3. Unlike the climate of the other islands of Hawaii, ________ Kona contains 54 different temperate zones.
A. that of
B. this is
C. these are
D. those that
Answer: A

4. With few exceptions, ________ are warm-blooded, have live births, and are suckled with milk from their mother’s body.
A. which mammals
B. mammals
C. mammals that
D. mammals, they
Answer: B

5. Among all the scientists of the 1930s, ________ was so suited to carry out the Manhattan project as J.Robert Oppenheimer.
A. no scientists
B. not who was a scientist
C. none
D. a scientist never he
Answer: C

6. By the time of the appearance of "Paulus", __________ was widely recognized as the most famous living composer.
A. it was Felix Mendelssohn
B. Felix Mendelssohn who
C. Felix Mendelssohn
D. Felix Mendelssohn whom
Answer: C

7. __________ is as widespread in the U.S.as the grey squirrel, an animal actually classified as a rodent.
A. No mammal
B. Not a mammal which
C. None mammal
D. Not a mammal that
Answer: A

8. In the quiet of the woods, __________ sometimes hears the thrush breaking snail shells.
A. the one
B. one
C. ones
D. those ones
Answer: B

9. __________ is a growing practice in cooperative farming associations to pool and sell the fruit as a common commodity under the brands of the association rather than to sell the fruit of each grower separately.
A. There
B. One
C. It, which
D. Why
Answer: B

10. The __________ the forest reached their highest price in the 1980s.
A. products of
B. productions by
C. producers to
D. productibilities with
Answers: A