Written Task Samples: Parallel Structure
Train to use parallel structures in English writing and oral speech with a help of the TOEFL sample test.
Written Task Samples: Parallel Structure

1. Egyptian pyramids were regularly robbed despite their intricate passageways, byzantine mazes, and __________.
A. walls which were false
B. they had false walls
C. false walls
D. walls of falsity
Answer: C

2. In the years following the American Revolution and prior to the establishment of a national government, Washington provided the fledgling country with keen economic insight, _________, and astute international judgment.
A. a recognition of stability that was domestic
B. to stabilize the domestic situation
C. which was domestically stable
D. a sense of domestic stability
Answer: D

3. Despite the appearance of being merely pests, ants can serve a garden by eliminating other bothersome insects and ________.
A. they can aerate the soil
B. aerating the soil
C. to aerate the soil
D. that can aerate the soil
Answer: B

4. From Wrangell Island to Anchorage, Alaskan glacial formations rival those ________ and ones located in northern Canada.
A. found in Antarctica
B. which are found in Antarctica
C. finding in Antarctica
D. they find in Antarctica
Answer: A

5. The undergirding of cars is adversely affected ________ and excessive jostling.
A. in extremely salty
B. by extreme salinity
C. which is extremely salty
D. with salt that is extreme
Answer: B

6. The red-headed clytus is a close relative of the banded ash borer and __________ considerable damage to the wood of dead and dying ash.
A. doing
B. to do
C. its
D. does
Answer: D

7. The continued use of the soils of the Ozark region is no longer possible because of a number of factors, both natural and __________.
A. those of which are artificial
B. artificial
C. artificially
D. artificiality
Answer: B

8. The common puffin is a member of the very well-defined family of auks, including _________, guillemonts, razorbills, and the extinct greak auk.
A. those little auks
B. the auks which are little
C. little auks
D. auks that are little
Answer: C

9. Aluminum, __________, ductile metal, is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust.
A. a silver
B. that is a silversmith
C. a silvery
D. that is silver
Answer: C

10. Comparing __________ with a melody by Rossini or a scherzo by Beethoven, brings into focus the difference between schools of music
A. a Jensonian nocturne
B. a nocturne which belongs to Jensen
C. a nocturne whose Jensen
D. a nocturne by Jensen
Answers: D