Written Task Samples: Adverb Clause
Use the TOEFL sample questions to prepare to the test.
Written Task Samples: Adverb Clause

1. __________ they are widely perceived as gentle creatures, hippopotamuses are reponsible for more human deaths in Africa than any other animal.
A. Despite of
B. Even though
C. In spite of
D. Nonetheless
Answer: B

2. _______a cold front meets a warm front, an area of turbulent air is created often producing thunderstorms and tornadoes.
A. And
B. When
C. That
D. However
Answer: B

3. _______ he worked with the deaf for many years and patented many devices to help them, Alexander Graham Bell will forever be remembered for inventing the telephone.
A. Even though
B. In spite of
C. Despite
D. Nevertheless
Answer: A

4. Battles between ancient armies were usually fought _______ crucial trading rout, fertile agricultural fields, or important sources of water were found.
A. those
B. wherever
C. not only
D. what
Answer: B

5. The Indian variety of crocodile is the most widely researched crocodile in the world _______ anatomical structure is so unusual.
A. because its
B. because of its
C. it is because
D. is because
Answer: A

6. It is in many cases an advantage if an animal can remain perfectly still, and in a general way it may be said that an animal in danger in most likely to be detected __________.
A. movement
B. when it moves
C. then it moves
D. when does it move
Answer: B

7. A type of oil-base paint containing binders that form a film by oxidation or polymerization __________ is called an enamel.
A. because it exposes to air
B. in that its exposure to air
C. which they are exposed to air
D. when they are exposed to air
Answer: D

8. Under the government of William Penn, the roads of Pennsylvania were given over to the county courts, which appointed overseers, __________.
A. while the grand jury laid out the roads
B. unless the grand jury laid them out the roads
C. nevertheless, the grand jury laid out the roads
D. because of the grand jury laid out the roads
Answer: A

9. Lookout ridges are of little value __________ there is no way to get to it quickly because of a lack of trails, or no way to call for immediate help.
A. if after the fire is discovered
B. if the fire is discovered
C. after the fire is discovered
D. at which the fire is discovered
Answer: A

10. ___________ - it may in extreme cases occupy almost half the shell--the egg is known as "shrunken."
A. After the air space inside an egg pronounces it
B. While the air space inside an egg is pronouncing it
C. When the air space inside an egg becomes pronounced
D. Unless the air space inside an egg pronounces it
Answer: C