Structure and Written
The Structure and Written Expression section consists of sentences that help to rate the test-taker's knowledge of important structural and grammatical elements of standard written English.

writtenThere are many wishing to take the TOEFL Test for admission in any course in USA and Canada. The score is also used for admission in many other countries where speaking English is desirable or required. The test aims at testing and evaluating proficiency in English of non-native English speaking candidates. Scores in TOEFL test help the colleges to judge whether the applicant, seeking admission, would be able to comprehend the lectures, freely comunicate with other students in campus etc.
The purpose of the TOEFL sample questions is to evaluate proficiency in English writing and reading of people whose native language is not English, focusing mainly on international students planning to study in the United States and Canada.

Structure Questions
To get a high score at the TOEFL you need to be good at grammar, as your grammar skills will be checked in all sections. Consider given examples and improve your English skills.
Written Task Samples: Adjective Clause
Try your skills of using adjective clause in different cases to check and improve your knowledge to the TOEFL.
Written Task Samples: Adverb Clause
Use the TOEFL sample questions to prepare to the test.
Written Task Samples: Appositive
Practice using appositive in different sentences with a help of the TOEFL sample questions and keys.
Written Task Samples: Infinitive
Usage of Infinitive in English language is one of the most popular, as well as difficult topics of English tests. Fulfil the TOEFL sample task to check your skills.
Written Task Samples: Main Verb
Try to fulfil the task of the TOEFL Written Section concerning main verbs in sentences. Check your knowledge and improve your results.
Written Task Samples: Noun Clause
Fulfil the sample TOEFL questions using correctly the noun clause.
Written Task Samples: Parallel Structure
Train to use parallel structures in English writing and oral speech with a help of the TOEFL sample test.
Written Task Samples: Prepositional Phrase
Use the TOEFL sample questions with prepositional phrases (with answers) to prepare yourself thoroughly to the test.
Written Task Samples: Prepositions
Use the TOEFL sample questions to prepare to the test.
Written Task Samples: Subject
Train your ability to use subject in English speech in different situations. Answer the TOEFL sample questions.
Written Task Samples: Verb
Check your knowledge of using verb in different structures. Improve your skill if necessary.
Written Task Samples: Word Order
Do you think you are good at English word order exercises? Yes or not, fulfil the TOEFL word order sample test to check your skills.