Vocabulary Task
The article contains ten tasks for you to check how wide your vocabulary is. Try to do it without dictionary, and then check yourself.
Vocabulary Task

vocabulary1. n. abandon
(a) freedom; impetuosity; enthusiasm
(b) attempt to persuade someone to do something
(c) affected or silly smile; smirk
(d) feeling of displeasure or indignation resulting from mistreatment or abuse

2. n. blemish
(a) witty remark; assault; journey
(b) collection of choice literary works; compilation
(c) disfigurement; defect; flaw; fault
(d) assumption made for the sake of argument; supposition

3. adj. precocious
(a) convenient in obtaining a result; guided by self-interest; advantageous; beneficial; worthwhile
(b) reverent; sincere; pious; earnest; religious
(c) developed or matured earlier than usual
(d) no longer productive; worn out; degenerate; exhausted

4. adj. malicious
(a) unfeeling; insensitive; hard
(b) spiteful; vindictive
(c) fat; obese; fleshy
(d) brief; passing swiftly; temporary; transient

5. adj. oblivious
(a) outstanding; praiseworthy; serving as a model
(b) thin and light
(c) forgetful; absent-minded; ignoring
(d) loud and noisy; demanding

6. adj. histrionic
(a) corrupt; degenerate; debauched
(b) immature; not fully developed; fundamental
(c) pertaining to the theater; designed for show; dramatic
(d) thrusting oneself or itself into undue prominence; invasive

7. adj. extemporaneous
(a) ordinary; commonplace; normal; routine; everyday
(b) deceptive beauty; alluring by attractive appearance; lewd
(c) spontaneous; impromptu; improvised
(d) thrusting oneself or itself into undue prominence; invasive

8. n. fetish
(a) enemy; foe; opponent; rival
(b) scarcity; shortage; lack
(c) anything to which one gives excessive devotion; idolized object
(d) hostility; malevolence

9. v. divulge
(a) to make public; to reveal; to tell; to disclose
(b) to free from guilt; to declare innocent
(c) to examine closely; to study; to investigate; to inspect
(d) to whip severely; to flog; to lash; to chastise

10. adj. abstemious
(a) abundant; in great quantities; plentiful; bountiful
(b) with abusive condemnation; with harsh denunciation
(c) sparing in use of food or drinks; satisfied with little; moderate
(d) queer; unusual in appearance; strange; outlandish