Sample TOEFL Questions
Check out the following questions that are examples of some of the types you will see on the TOEFL test.
Sample TOEFL Questions
Listening Comprehension
The text that follows is what you would hear if taking the TOEFL. Of course, when you can't read what is said, it becomes more difficult.

Man: Sandy gave me a lot of flack about not clearing away the dishes last night.
I mean, she really blew a fuse.
Woman: I'll say she did. And no wonder. If she's told you once, she's told you a thousand times:
when it's your turn, you better do it

What does the woman mean?
(A) Sandy should give the man some slack.
(B) The woman washed the dishes herself.
(C) Sandy said a new fuse was needed.
(D) Sandy has warned the man many times about not performing his duties.

Identify the error in the sentence below.
Medical doctors suggest that persons engaged in taxing careers like
                                               A         B             C                    D
air traffic control and surgery try to reduce stress through regular exercise.

Complete the following sentence with the best answer choice.
Using Feng Shui, interior decorators utilize ancient knowledge of vital forces and Zen philosophical tenets to create living understated living spaces, _ _ _ _ _ a person's harmony with his surroundings.

(A) thereby increasing
(B) increase
sample_toefl_questions(C) which may in fact serve to increase
(D) and to increase

Some sample Writing topics:

  Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Self-confidence is the most significant factor for success in school or at work. Use detailed reasons and examples to support your point of view.

  Do you agree or disagree that progress is always good? Use detailed reasons and examples to support your point of view.

Some sample speaking questions:

  Name a teacher that had a great impact in your life and give details why.

  If you could meet one well-known politician, who would it be and why?

  Your city has some additional money to spend on either books for a new library or more art equipment for the community center. How do you think they should spend it and why?