TOEFL Questions
Try to answer TOEFL sample questions to train and improve your English skills.
TOEFL Questions
1. Cinematography changed dramatically, __________ introduced new technologies.
   a) when Paramount Pictures
   b) Paramount Pictures
   c) when was 
   d) it when Paramount Pictures

2. Rosa often likes to spend her spare time __________ in the nearby park.
   a) which walking
   b) that are
   c) walking
   d) walk

3.  ____________ cows, dogs are omnivorous. They can eat vegetables as well as meat.
   a) Unlike
   b) Not likeness to
   c) Alike
   d) Dislike

4. Michael can eat __________ a whole pizza alone. 
   a) mostly
   b) as many as
   c) so many that 
   d) their

5. The closer we ________ to summer holidays the more excited school-children become.
   a) are
   b) have
   c) the
   d) it has

6. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, _____________ by the United Nations General Assembly in the very 1948, all people on the earth are equal.
   a) when it launched 
   b) that was launched 
   c) launching 
   d) was launched

7.  __________ the development of industry, ecology got a huge harmful effect that marked on people’s health throughout the world.
   a) Was it
   b) This
   c) Moreover
   d) With