TOEFL Practice Test
Look through sample questions of the TOEFL Test.
TOEFL Practice Test

1. I can not go with to a movie. I have _____ to do this afternoon.
   a) many work
   b) much work
   c) many works
   d) much works

2. I _____ the concert.
   a) was disappointed by
   b) was disappointed of
   c) was disappointing
   d) was disappointing in

3. My mother has lived in this town _____ twenty years.
   a) for
   b) during
   c) since
   d) while

4. The fact ________ money orders can usually be easily cashed has made them a popular form of payment.
   a) that
   b) of
   c) which is
   d) is that

5. Gifted though he was by remarkable natural musical talent, _________ to have nothing common with this usual and uninteresting world.
   a) it was Beethoven that seeming
   b) Beethoven, who seemed
   c) Beethoven, seeming
   d) Beethoven seemed

6. __________ their imperceptible look, plantain is very simple and helpful remedy for wounds.
   a) even though
   b) in spite of
   c) despite of
   d) nonetheless

7. - I like flowers. 
    - __________.

   a) So, I am.
   b) Neither do I.
   c) So, do I.
   d) I am too.

8. I _______________ to Japan.
   a) never was
   b) has never been
   c) never had been
   d) have never been