TOEFL Listening Practice
Practicing test is the best way to be well trained to the TOEFL test. Look through passages and answers you are expected to give.
TOEFL Listening Practice

A: How did you spend your holidays, Bob?
B: I had to study the first month of the summer. But then I took the month off and went to the see with my family.

What did the man do in summer?
  a) He studied the whole summer
  b) He relaxed with his friends
  c) He and his girlfriend often went to the cinema
  d) He went to rest with his relatives
The correct answer: d

A: What's the matter Bob? You look terrible.
B: I've just taken my Chemistry exam and I'm pretty sure I failed it. I don't know where the professor got some of those questions. I think I would never answer those questions.
A: Don’t worry. You've been studying brightly all year long. It could not be you’ve suddenly forgotten everything. Oh, Did not you hear whether the physics grades have been posted yet?
B: I didn't manage to go and look, since I was too busy about chemistry. Do you think there's any possibility of me passing for the year if I fail the final?
A: Sure there is. It's the average that's important. Come on. Just relax. How about having a cup of coffee?

What was Bob concerned about?
a) His Professor
b) His final exam
c) Weekend Party
d) Coming home late
The correct answer: b

Why did the A advise Bob not to worry?
a) The average is important
b) Chemistry is not his major
c) Physics is more important
d) He will become ill
The correct answer: a

Why didn't Bob check his physics grade?
a) It wasn't available.
b) He is not taking physics.
c) Chemistry was worrying him.
d) He was busy with his friend
The correct answer: c

What will happen if Paul fails the exam?
a) He will be in despair.
b) is parents will punish him.
c) He will change his major
d) He will pass with a low grade.
The correct answer: d

What did the woman suggest doing?
a) Repeating the class.
b) Studying harder.
c) Going for a drink.
d) Going to a movie.
The correct answer: c