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In Writing section of the TOEFL test-taker will have to write an essay on the given topic. Read some examples of TOEFL essays.
Essay Samples

essayWhat are some of the qualities of a good parent?

People say that parents are the most important people in upbringing children and preparing them to the adult life. That are parents and not day care centers, streets, TV programmes or any other people are responsible for the personality of formed adult person.

All people have different ideas of what success means for children. To be a parent is a big responsibility as a parent should invest all his/her strength into a child. Each person has a different definition to be a respectful, proud and loving parent. Children need our full attention even when we think they don’t show any interest. Sometimes they might have difficulty in expressing their feelings. It is hard to relate to them if parents don’t do things together with them.

Parents should be actively and physically involved with children, teach and introduce them to a wide variety of activities and then give them the freedom to pick and choose as they grow up. To be a good parent is not an easy task. But becoming parent is a gift, even though it means a huge responsibility. Every child need to get enough love, care and attention. Then it will be healthy, happy and successful in school, at home and in any group of friends.

To sum it up all, important qualities for a good parent are love, responsibility, enthusiasm and support and time for their children.

It can be quite difficult to learn a new language

Learning a new language is not only interesting but very difficult activity. If a person really wants to learn then he or she will learn it any way. As for me, there are many difficulties in learning a new language. And a person willing to learn a language will face many hindrances in a way. Firstly, he/she should not be shy but confident. A new language learner should find the most suitable way for him to learn. Better is to find a good teacher. A teacher always gives the right direction and encourages students. Sometimes listening to person who delivers theory for you is much more effective than just reading a book lonely. Teacher keeps an eye on accuracy of pronounciation.

The Worst problem in learning a new language is to find good books and classes. With the help of books and classes people can practice written and spoken English. For example, if I want to find success in TOEFL than first of all I have to find good English books and classes.

Person who really has a powerful resire to learn, know and use anything new, will achieve if he/she is persistent, responsible and purposeful.