Sample Questions
To prepare well to the TOEFL you need to know what kind of questions you will be to answer. Then you will be able to define the strong and weak elements of your English and plan the preparation effectively.

sampleTOEFL is today one of the most respected English tests in the world. Definite TOEFL scores are required from non-native English speakers in many colleges and universities.

There are many different strategies of preparing to the TOEFL. All they say that a test-taker should make a plan of preparation. But before planning, he/she needs to check his/her language abilities, define gaps and fill them up.

Look through sample questions presented in the articles and try to answer them without consulting any reference materials. Then check your results by yourself or ask anybody else to check them according to reference and textbooks. If you are honest to yourself, then you will see the objective picture of your English knowledge and skills. Now you see your definite task - to extend your knowledge and learn what you have not been good at yet.

Structure and Written
The Structure and Written Expression section consists of sentences that help to rate the test-taker's knowledge of important structural and grammatical elements of standard written English.

TOEFL Writing Topics
One of the writing tasks include writing an essay. Look through the possible topics that cover all spheres of life, so that you feel yourself prepared when taking the actual test.

Essay Samples
In Writing section of the TOEFL test-taker will have to write an essay on the given topic. Read some examples of TOEFL essays.
Identify the Errors
Preparing to the test you need to do different exercises. Feel yourself a teacher and try to correct mistakes in given sentences.
Listening Comprehension
If you prepare to the TOEFL you may know that the test involve writing, speaking, reading and listening tasks. Get yourself acquainted with sample tasks for Listening Comprehension.
Reading Comprehension
In Reading Comprehension section of the TOEFL test-takers read several passages of the text and answer different questions concerning the text.
Sample TOEFL Questions
Check out the following questions that are examples of some of the types you will see on the TOEFL test.
TOEFL Listening Practice
Practicing test is the best way to be well trained to the TOEFL test. Look through passages and answers you are expected to give.
TOEFL Practice Test
Look through sample questions of the TOEFL Test.
TOEFL Questions
Try to answer TOEFL sample questions to train and improve your English skills.
Vocabulary Task
The article contains ten tasks for you to check how wide your vocabulary is. Try to do it without dictionary, and then check yourself.