TOEFL Registration
Do not know how to register for the TOEFL? Discover three simple ways of registration for the TOEFL test that can be done.
TOEFL Registration
The registration for the TOEFL test can be done in three ways:
toefl_registration• Online registration
• By Telephone
• By Mail

Of the three options mentioned above the best easy one is to register online. All that you have to do is to fill up the registration form online. It is better to register beforehand to get a choice of test location and date.

Online Registration
The online facility to pay up for the TOEFL test is open 24hrs in a day. A username and password is created for all people who are registering online. Any information given by the student can be updated anytime. Cancellation of the registration can also be done at any time. Score checking and prior activities done on the website with the similar login id can be checked. Registration has to be done 7 days before the test day. If the student wants to register online he or she must have a credit card to pay. The list of approved credit card companies are mentioned in the official website of ETS at The facility to use the e-check for people with local banking is obtainable as well. Furthermore there is a facility for late registration. The student can register three days before the actual TOEFL test day with a late fee of 25$. The TOEFL test dates are evidently mentioned in the website. The test locations are update occasionally. If there is any change in the location selected it will be reproduced in the registration form itself. So you should check the profile frequently.

Registration by Telephone Using a Credit Card or E-Check
For telephone registrations also the student needs a credit card or an e-check. The rules are comparable to the online registration system.

Registration by Mail
With a money order or a cheque drawn on an international bank the TOEFL test can be registered by just an email. The registration form found in the TOEFL website has to be accordingly filled with the option of two centers. If the asked for date is not obtainable the TOEFL office will propose next obtainable date on previous requisition for a reschedule. In case the candidate has not specified the requisition for a reschedule, then the candidate must make contact with the RRC for the same. The filled in registration form and a money order or cheque should be mailed to the address on the form. This form should reach the TOEFL office four weeks before the test date.

For the Disabled
Disabled TOEFL test takers can use the registration form in the Bulletin. They can pay using a credit card, offered they mention the CC number and expiration date on the top of the form. The facility of paying using a CC is valid only for the disable candidates.