Frequently Asked Questions
Have numerous questions concerning TOEFL test? Discover here all answers to all your questions with reference to TOEFL teat preparation and passing.

frequently_asked_questionsTest of English as Foreign Language is generally the requirement of a number of highly ranked universities or colleges in Australia, United Kingdom, United States and in other European countries. They require international students whose mother tongue is not English to complete the TOEFL to determine if they can function in an English teaching environment.

Taking the TOEFL is a necessary step not just for entering a university. It is also increasingly required from other educational institutions throughout the world, as well as a desired or mandatory job qualification.

If you want to prepare for the TOEFL well and reach a high score you should know about this test everything. Look through the most wide-spread questions relating to the TOEFL that will help you to prepare better for this test and pass it successfully.

Different types of the TOEFL test
If you have general questions on different types of TOEFL tests: iBT, CBT or PBT, this article will probably answer them.
FAQ about Test Delivery
The article contains FAQ concerning TOEFL Test Delivery in different countries and cities.
How to Appeal a TOEFL Result?
Get to know how you can appeal your TOEFL score in case a university has denied you admission based only on your TOEFL result.
How to Dress for the TOEFL?
Knowing how to dress for an exam is not necessarily a daunting task. Get to know how to dress up for an exam to feel yourself comfortable.
How to Find a TOEFL Tutor?
Read on to learn how to find the best TOEFL tutor that will prepare you for the exam in the best way possible.
How to Find Practice Questions?
Check out the following useful information containing ways of searching TOEFL practice questions in order to prepare for the test well.
How to Pass a TOEFL?
Discover the following simple tips and recommendations that will teach you some useful ways in order to score high on the TOEFL test.
How to Pay for the TOEFL?
There is a number of ways to try and get funding to pay for the TOEFL exam. Read on to find out more how to do this.
How to Prepare for the TOEFL Well?
Discover the useful information to learn how to distinguish the fundamental requirements previous to taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language.
How to Study for the TOEFL?
Clear up the following details and make use of simple tips how to study for the TOEFL test and pass it successfully.
Must You Take TOEFL?
A lot of educational institutions report that they frequently do not require TOEFL test scores of some types of international applicants. Get to know if you must take the TOEFL test.
Scores in TOEFL Test Taking
Find answers to your questions on how TOEFL Tests are scored, when and where you can get your scores, what organizations accept the TOEFL scores and etc.
Test Preparation
If you want to know where you can get samle questions or practice before the test, read the article, it will answer your questions.
Do you know what the TOEFL CAT means and what is the difference between CAT and other TOEFL formats? Read the article to know.
Get to know main differences between the traditional paper-based TOEFL and the computer-based TOEFL introduced in 1998. Learn the new types of questions that appear in the latter and new ways to submit answers.
TOEFL Registration
Do you have any questions on TOEFL Test Registration? Then this article will help you to make the situation clear.
What to Bring for TOEFL?
Get to know more fundamental details with reference to what you can take with you on the TOEFL test.