TOEFL Courses
This article will present you all needed information for you to define whether you need to take the TOEFL Course before taking TOEFL test.
TOEFL Courses

The Test of English as a Foreign Language is created for students that are non-native English speakers and want to study in colleges and universities of the United States and Canada. This test is designed to demonstrate English proficiency for academic purposes and is recognized by academic institutions in North America and around the world. TOEFL scores are also required from foreign students in English speaking countries when accepting for job.

coursesTaking a TOEFL course is a good way to prepare for the TOEFL test. Today, offices that provide TOEFL tests and TOEFL courses are widespread through the entire world.

Reasons to take the course:
- you are an upper intermediate or advanced student of English;
- you are serious about entering an American or Canadian university.

As usual such courses are very effective, as they are quite intensive. Groups usually consist of 8-12 students, provide about 20 hours a week of English learning. Their main goal is to expose students to Academic Level English, improve their English skills and prepare for success on the test.

TOEFL courses usually offer:
  - The "Classic" Way to Prepare
TOEFL courses are usually designed in such a way so to teach students in a friendly, supportive learning environment where everyone has the same goal: to get the best possible score.

  - Small, Focused Classes
Small amount of groups (8-12 students) guarantees the personal attention each test-taker needs, and work at a pace that is right for you. The instructor works closely with students’ knowledge and needs in order to identify your strengths and weaknesses, to prepare you good as possible.

  - Expert, Enthusiastic Instructors
Usually centers that provide TOEFL course include very energetic and smart instructors that will help to study with desire and interest.

  - Free Extra Help
It is always possible to have some extra one-on-one time with your instructor to get additional advice on personally needed topics.

  - Additional Materials
TOEFL centers research and development team studies the test year round to stay on top of TOEFL trends and to make sure you learn what you need to get your best score. The course naturally includes Listening, Reading, Structure, and Writing, and a complete set of listening drills. Students are allowed to use library, numerous manuals and workbooks for the TOEFL Exam.

  - Online Tests
The TOEFL courses always provide their students with online tests, that also help you to practice for the TOEFL. You will become comfortable with the format of the actual TOEFL, and you can take the tests at anytime, from anywhere.