TOEFL Test Content
Check out what ensures the academic content of the TOEFL test and how are the test design and structure improved.
TOEFL Test Content

toefl-test-contentThe peculiarity of the TOEFL® Test in comparison to other language proficiency tests is that the content of the former is completely academic, which means that every section of the TOEFL test – Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing – is relevant and similar to the academic studying.

The examples of the skills and questions that relate students’ activities to those at the classroom are the following:
- Students are to analyze the content of the test
- Students have to combine their skills to give a correct answer to the question, which involves first reading or listening to an English text and then writing or speaking the answers in English.

Moreover, Speaking section at the TOEFL test contains 6 tasks which aim at measuring students’ speaking skills. Test takers have to converse on the topics of course work, campus life and familiar topics, all of which relate in some way to the academic life and settings. Therefore, such tasks address all aspects of the academic experience, and the interview itself comprises more than one conversation.

TOEFL® Test Research and Design

The test was not designed once and for all times. The test has been changing and continues to be improved every year. There have been more than 135 TOEFL® research reports done throughout 40 years of the research in the language acquisition and testing fields.

Since the TOEFL test scores are most widely used in the academics settings – as a university, college admission criteria or course level determination – there had been numerous assessment tests carried out in the academics classroom setting before the TOEFL test with present formats and content was designed.

The test meets the required standards of the following associations:

• The American Educational Research Association (AERA)
• The American Psychological Association (APA)
• The National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME)

The constant development and improvement process is applied to the TOEFL test design, which ensures the highest test quality and the best accuracy in testing the students’ level of proficiency of English.

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