Note Taking Improvement
Look through the following simple techniques that will be helpful while improving the value of your notes taking skills.
Note Taking Improvement
The majority of us make use of note taking techniques that have been learned or developed at the same time as in school. At that time your goal was the gaining of knowledge with the reason of reciting it back on a test or examination. As an adult your purpose for note taking is typically quite different. While you want to get knowledge or information, the end purpose of your note taking is not a test, but application of what you have learned. As with nearly all anything in life, when you change the aim you may want to reconsider and change the techniques you use to get there. Here are some ways to make your note taking more valuable skill and useful while TOEFL taking:

  Start With the End in Mind
Start by understanding why you are taking the notes. Do not take them for the reason that you are supposed to do that. You should take them because you know what or how you might make use of them. Having this picture in your mind will assist you in taking the correct notes with no being lulled into writing down everything.

  Lose the Linearity
The majority of people take notes that are extremely linear in nature. Not all lectures, conversation or meetings follow a strict outline pattern. Allow yourself to take notes with no strict linear format. You will have chances to write a list, but there also be opportunity for more free more comments and thoughts.

  Capture Ideas
At the same time as you are in the workshop or conversation new ideas will spring up. They may be associated with the situation so you may capture the idea at the same time as you have it. Give yourself permission to write down your ideas with your notes.

  Capture Actions
The thing you are discussing, learning about and taking notes on may propose specific action steps you necessitate to take. If you are taking notes in a meeting or personally conversation this might seem evident. But as you are engaged in taking notes you may think of a new action step or task. Take care you write these down and do not lose them.

  Develop Shortcuts
You will find that if you make use of abbreviations, or expand other shorthand that works for you, it will make your note taking easier and faster. Since you will not probable be sharing your notes with anyone, the nature of your shorthand can be very personal. This method will assist you in speeding up your note taking.

  Have a Format
Maybe you will find that developing a general format will make your note taking easier, or even more pleasurable. You may divide a note taking page in to two columns. In the right column you will take your normal notes and in the left column you may place the ideas you have through the note taking situation.

  Review and Summarize
Perhaps the majority of important things you can do come after you are done. Take some minutes to evaluate your notes with adding any words or phrases that will make them clearer. The process of reviewing will help you memorize and make the notes more helpful.

If you would like to improve your notes taking skills try one or more of these approaches that will be useful while exams taking.