Support Skills
There is a wide variety of academic skills that may be helpful in supporting your ability to ace the TOEFL exam.

There is a range of support academic skills such as note taking, summarizing, paraphrasing, outlining, mind mapping, synthesizing, skimming and scanning required to utilize throughout the TOEFL exam and pass it successfully in addition to the principal and secondary skills. All of them should be covered in your TOEFL study plan to avoid getting a low score on your test. Moreover supportive academic skills are extremely useful in your real academic life as all they collaborate in an incorporated way, to make you a more efficient English student and communicator. For approaches and resources to assist you in strengthening your support skills, read the following.
Mind Mapping Improvement
Learn more about the mind mapping that is a scientific technique using vivid colors and images. Get to know how this skill can enhance your memory and recall.
Note Taking Improvement
Look through the following simple techniques that will be helpful while improving the value of your notes taking skills.
Outlining is a useful option to organize your thoughts and plan your further writing or speaking. It is specially helpful when you are about to make a big piece of work.
Paraphrasing Tips
Get to know the rules of paraphrasing as this your skill will also be checked by TOEFL.
Scanning Skills
Get to know what scanning skills are and how to improve them for successful TOEFL exam.
Skimming Improvement
A basis of the ability to speed read is the ability to skim. Look through the following brief outline argument in favor of why skimming will improve your reading speed.
Summarizing Skills
TOEFL test involves several tasks that demand summarizing skills from the students. Get to know the main rules of summarizing.
Synthesizing skills
Combining several different things and then making a new one, whether it is clothes, machine or a piece of text in called synthesizing. It is one of your skills that will be checked on the TOEFL iBt.