Study for TOEFL
Improving TOEFL skills takes time and effort. Check out how to devise a working study plan and prepare for the TOEFL test most effectively.
Study for TOEFL

Test of English as a Foreign Language is a worldwide recognized test for non-native speakers of English who wish either to study in a foreign country (often in the countries where English is the first or the second state language) or to work abroad. Earning high score in TOEFL is not easy and requires much planned practice.
While there are two main test formats (paper-based and internet-based), the preparation to both exams is pretty much the same. What differs is only the practice test taking stage, in which test format should correspond to the type of the real test format.

Studying for TOEFL is time-consuming, which is why a careful and well-thought plan is desirable. The amount of time and effort spent on the TOEFL preparation will depend on your current knowledge of English. Actually, preparation to TOEFL test taking has started for everybody with the mere start to learn English. The process of getting ready to take TOEFL involves refreshing in one’s memory the fundamental grammar and vocabulary material. There exist different practice tests aimed at helping students determine their level of preparation and weak sides.
The average preparation time for the TOEFL test takes up to 4 months of regular study. This period should also include the actual test taking and the feedback, so that the student could see what he or she has to improve yet. There can also be some more rigorous study plans for people who are time limited. Such plans are based on accelerated syllabus and may take as little as two months.

In order to see your progress, you should complete a study plan before the preparation has started, then in the middle of preparation and at the very end. You should also determine what your goal results are. Here is an example of a simple TOEFL preparation plan:

 Target Score   
 Current Score  
 DifferenceX4=number of hours I need to study  
 Next Test Date  
 Number of hours I need to study per week  

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