Study for TOEFL
Improving TOEFL skills takes time and effort. Check out how to devise a working study plan and prepare for the TOEFL test most effectively.
Study for TOEFL

42-16804917_01One very important hint not to be missed is the regular study pattern. It is necessary to have approximately equal time study each day without missing any days. In this way, you will surely see the results soon enough. The weekly study plan may look as provided below:

I can study for ______ hours on the following days of the week:

 Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat  Sun 

Syllabus and Source of Study
Before starting preparation to the TOEFL test, you should make sure you know the format of the test and what parts it is comprised of. Besides, syllabus, or what each part deals with, matters a lot. The key point is that you have to know exactly what specifics you need to master and practice. The TOEFL test consists of four parts: listening, reading, writing and speaking (iBT TOEFL) or structure (paper-based TOEFL).

It is recommended to devise the best combination of study books, tutors, online classes or courses to achieve the best results. In any case, it is vital that you choose a good book from a recognized author or publisher to prepare for your test. Moreover, such a book should include detailed explanations, test question examples and, if possible, visual material, so that you understand all the parts of your test taking procedure.

The last factor in your successful passing TOEFL test is comprehensive preparation. This means that you should provide yourself with the sufficient amount of time to get ready. Rushing through the material will not help, but rather frustrate you. Make sure you have taken care of all the parts of the test and prepared yourself thoroughly.

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