Vocabulary Building Techniques
A rich vocabulary is much respected in you on the TOEFL test. You can easily improve your vocabulary by employing some very simple techniques.
Vocabulary Building Techniques

It takes a long time for students of English-as-a-second-language to learn vocabulary in order to speak, write and read in English well. The problem is just they do not know the meaning of enough English words.
It is not easy to build a vocabulary that allows you to use English well. It is quite easy to build the essential vocabulary of 1000-2000 words that you need in order to speak English to other people and understand them. On the other hand, to be able to read English well, you need to know a lot more than 2000 words — about ten times that many, in actual fact.

Extremely useful method is to take the direct approach and learn words by studying word lists, doing vocabulary exercises, or even by reading through the learner’s dictionary. There are many textbooks around to assist you with this job and you may find English courses that concentrate on this sort of vocabulary building.

Encourage Yourself to Read
Reading is the best way of building the vocabulary. It is more useful to read complete versions of classic texts. It is hard to believe how much of the dissimilarity there is when comparing the shortened to the whole versions of the text. The purpose of the shortened versions is to get rid of the back-story. Unluckily, this also removes highly descriptive phrases which give an ideal chance for learning new words. Try to build up your vocabulary also by reading English newspapers and magazines looking up words in a dictionary as you go along and taking notes. On the other hand magazine and newspaper articles almost always include a lot of language that is needlessly hard as it is idiomatic or metaphorical or because it comprises unusual words that are not in fact needed. This makes the experience of reading less interesting and consequently less effective.

Start a Vocabulary Notebook
When you encounter a new word you should look it up then write the word and definition in your vocabulary notebook. Using the dictionary and completing the act of writing it down supports the word and its meaning.
One more way to strengthen new words is to include them into your vocabulary. It is extremely useful to read through the notebook every day and identify some words to use in conversations with your child.
The best method of vocabulary building is one that combines the advantages of all approaches at the same time as avoiding the disadvantages. One way to do this is to learn vocabulary in context, throughout reading, but with texts that have been particularly written for vocabulary building. This makes for natural, efficient and pleasurable studying.