Spelling Improvement Tips
Non-native speakers of English may encounter certain problems with English language spelling. Here are some tips to get your English spelling right.
Spelling Improvement Tips

If you are not a native speaker of English you might meet some problems with the spelling of certain English words. It is very significant that you learn to spell properly. It is both, an expression of your intelligence and education. Consequently, you should be prepared to spell properly on your homework, reports, quizzes, tests and even job applications. Here are the following strategies to help you improve your spelling for better writing.

Use a Dictionary
The best thing you can do to develop your spelling is to use a dictionary. You will not often spell words wrong if you will consult a dictionary at any time you are in doubt. Know when you do not know how to spell a word and look it up. Yes, it will take time but it takes time to do anything right.

Learn the Rules
Learn some spelling rules that are not perfect but they give you a tool to work with. In addition learn exceptions to the rules.

Develop Pronunciation
Listen and concentrate on the pronunciation of the words. Even though English is the least phonetic language, about eighty-five percent of the words are spelled the approach they sound. You will advance your spelling and speaking all at when you start listening to yourself.

Train Memory
Spelling errors frequently turn out to be imprinted in your memory because of the constant writing of the incorrect spelling. So you should correct this by writing the appropriate spelling over and over again when you find out that you have written it inaccurately in order to re-train your motor memory.

Proofread Work
A lot of spelling errors take place because of the lack of proofreading. It is much easier to notice a misspelled word when re-reading your document. That is because we are use to seeing words spelled properly in magazines, newspapers and books. When you find a misspelling look it up, confirm it and correct it.

Just similar to starting a new workout, improving your spelling will be easier said than done at first. But, what skill worth having is not hard to progress?