Secondary Skills
Find out what are secondary skills and discover some specific techniques to strengthen your secondary skills in order to succeed on the TOEFL test.


Secondary skills, such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling, are not tested in separate sections of the TOEFL, but are tested indirectly throughout the exam. Check out the following information for more specific techniques to strengthen your secondary skills that will be of use while taking the TOEFL test.

English Pronunciation Improving
Do not know what pronunciation exercises are the most efficient and useful in the improvement of your pronunciation skills? Find out some tips which can help you to solve your pronunciation problems and obtain accurate pronunciation.
Grammar is the system of a language. To speak and write correctly you should be well acquainted with English grammar. Get to know how you can study or improve you grammar skills.
Improving Vocabulary
You want to have a rich vocabulary and be a smart interlocutor speaking English about all spheres you are interested in, donít you?
Learning Vocabulary Words
Check out the useful information concerning learning of vocabulary words for the TOEFL test. Get to know if it is useful.
Reading Practice
Improve the language proficiency with reading practice while preparing for the TOEFL that may be very important for your creative imagination.
Speaking Skills
Check out the useful information about the significance of the English speaking skills while the TOEFL test taking. Find out some ways to develop your speaking skills.
Speaking Skills Improvement
Speaking is supposed to be the most difficult part when learning a foreign language. Find out a number of ways to advance your speaking skills in a new language.
Spelling Improvement Tips
Non-native speakers of English may encounter certain problems with English language spelling. Here are some tips to get your English spelling right.
Vocabulary Building Techniques
A rich vocabulary is much respected in you on the TOEFL test. You can easily improve your vocabulary by employing some very simple techniques.