TOEFL Basic Skills Quiz
To get a high score at the TOEFL test you have to show a high level of English. The Test checks and rates all your English skills. Fulfil a given quiz to make clear your TOEFL skills.
TOEFL Basic Skills Quiz

1. Meteorites are small and therefore very difficult to identify, even when ............ to Earth.

a) quite colsely 
b) are being quite close 
c) are they quite cosely 
d) they are quite close

2. Football is a subject I know very ....... of. 

a) few 
b) a few  
c) little 
d) a little

3. During the 1800's the question of the best route for coast to coast postal mail was ............. in the business community.
a) interest of an enormous issue
b) an enormous interest of issue
c) an issue of enormous interest
d) enormous interest of an issue

4. ........... a lonely and harsh life, far from home and family.

a) However the early pioneers often lived
b) The early pioneers often lived
c) Not only did the early pioneers often live
d) The early pioneers often living

5. .......... his sister, Jack is quiet and does not easily make friends with others.

a) Dislike
b) Alike
c) Unlike
d) Liking

6. In his seminal work, Social Theory and Social Constructs, commentator Pierre Trudeau explored ............ in ways that society considers anti-social.

a) those people whose actions
b) why do people act
c) why people act
d) the actions of those people who

7. I am late because my alarm clock never .............. this morning.
a) came on
b) rang out
c) went off
d) turned on

8. Until last weekend, his family .............. from him for six months.
a) didn't hear
b) hasn't been hearing
c) hasn't heard
d) hadn't heard

9. Being a pop star can be quite a hard life, with a lot of travelling .............. heavy schedules.

a) with regard to
b) in relation to
c) as to
d) owing to