Ways to Speak English Like Native
If you want to learn English and know how you can get a skill to speak this language fluently this article will be helpful for you.
Ways to Speak English Like Native

speaking_english_like_nativeIf your intention is to speak English well then you have to decide to spend enough time and efforts for learning and practicing language. A situation is more difficult for those who live in non - English speaking countries as they can not listen to English speech and communicate just in the street or in trolleybus.

You may have already tried to study English grammar, vocabulary, but you feel you are not good at English especially speaking about communication with foreigners. When everything we study is fixed only in our brain and does not have reflection in practice, very soon all the information is swept away from your memory.

Do not upset. There are methods how you can make your knowledge permanent, turning them into skill. Don’t give up, here you will find several useful tips.
If you follow the advice during 3 months, studying about 5 hours a day, you will soon get the desirable effect.

Stop using your own language
On this stage you need to behave as if there is only one language in this world and it is English. If you watch news every day, change your local channel to CNN or another English News channel available in your country. Instead of your local newspaper, read any English one. You will get the same information but written in English. And change your local media into English as well. This is basic step to Learn to speak English.

Do everything in English
Every day you note anything in your mother tongue. Take a rule to do it in English from now, even if it is probably wrong. Studying further you will understand what is wrong and how to write correctly, but now your task is to ignore the mistakes and get used to the English language. Your process of thinking must be in English. It must seem insanity, but it is the only way for you to become a well prepared English speaker.
But, do not adress to passing people in English, if they do not understand you!

Practice with movies
You have to use many DVD movies on this stage. On DVD you can select language independently. You understand there are different accents of English. Decide what accent is more pleasant for you, which of them: English or American one, you like better. And according to this your choice select films. If you like British English accent – watch English Movie. If you like American accent - watch American accent movie. When watching try to understand and repeat everything you’ve heard. If it is difficult for you – turn subtitle. It is very important to pronounce the words correctly. So be very careful. 2 movies a day will be a good piece of work for and a good investment into your English.

This method may seem strange for you. It is you choice anyway. This course does not involve great financial expense. It is worth to try.