Principal Skills
Get to know more details about the principal skills that correspond with the major sections of the exam - reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Principal skills including reading, listening, speaking and writing are the most important linguistic skills essential for effective communication, particularly in an academic setting. The exceptional feature of the TOEFL test is that the primary skills are tested throughout independent in addition to incorporated questions, to simulate the way English is used in real life. Find effective strategies you can use to develop every of the principal skills.
Daily Listening Tips
Do you want to improve your listening skills? Then you have to practice daily.
Improve Reading Skills
Get to know more about different reading technics. This article will help you to understand which texts should be read with a help of various reading skills in order to read fast and catch the information you need.
Improve Your Listening Skills
Read more to know methods you can improve your listening skills.
Listening Skills
Here you'll find information on what types and categories of listening task TOEFL test involves, and what topics you are to be aware of to pass the test successfully.
Most Common TOEFL Essay Mistakes
See the most prolate essay mistakes. Find out how to restate the topic and look at the simplest way to do this.
Reading Practice
Improve the language proficiency with reading practice while preparing for the TOEFL that may be very important for your creative imagination.
Speaking Skills
Check out the useful information about the significance of the English speaking skills while the TOEFL test taking. Find out some ways to develop your speaking skills.
Speaking Skills Improvement
Speaking is supposed to be the most difficult part when learning a foreign language. Find out a number of ways to advance your speaking skills in a new language.
Ways to Speak English Like Native
If you want to learn English and know how you can get a skill to speak this language fluently this article will be helpful for you.
Writing Skills
Writing is one of the basic skills for TOEFL. Read information on what you should know to make your writing better.