TOEFL Skills
To get a high score on the TOEFL, you need to master a number of overlapping language and academic skills. Discover the most important skills types and get to know how to develop them to pass the test.
TOEFL tests the English language skills of non-native students wishing to study or work in countries where English is the language of communication. It evaluates all basic language skills vital for effective communication. Taking and analyzing practice TOEFL tests is not enough to pass the test. You should constantly continue to work on improving of your English skills. Look through resources obtainable to help you discover exactly what skills will be of use on the TOEFL in order to answer all the questions successfully and pass the test.

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Principal Skills
Get to know more details about the principal skills that correspond with the major sections of the exam - reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Secondary Skills
Find out what are secondary skills and discover some specific techniques to strengthen your secondary skills in order to succeed on the TOEFL test.

Support Skills
There is a wide variety of academic skills that may be helpful in supporting your ability to ace the TOEFL exam.

Improve Your English Skills
There are a lot of methods to improve your level of English. Here you can also read some tips that may be useful for you.
Skill Building Activities
Read some essential advice on how you can be prepared for the TOEFL test.
Study for TOEFL
Improving TOEFL skills takes time and effort. Check out how to devise a working study plan and prepare for the TOEFL test most effectively.
Study Skills
In taking any test the first needed and the most important skill is study skill. Your future score depends on way your learning is organized. Read the article to know more on the topic.
TOEFL Basic Skills Quiz
To get a high score at the TOEFL test you have to show a high level of English. The Test checks and rates all your English skills. Fulfil a given quiz to make clear your TOEFL skills.