Test Day Policies
Find out main rules of the TOEFL test taking process. Read about the main principles of behaviour and situations which are unacceptable, inappropriate and may result in the dismissal or score cancellation.
Test Day Policies

test-policiesTOEFL is a test that opens roads in front of test-takes, and challenges those who fail it. If you are taking the test, you are surely interested in being fairly judged as well as being given appropriate conditions to complete the test to the best of your ability. That is why it is advisable and justified to report any suspicious behavior that may interfere with the test security of cause distraction, for which one should contact ETS. The latter is authorized to bar the violator from future testing and/or cancel his/her scores if he/she fails to follow test administration regulations or the test administrator’s directions. In case the scores of an individual are canceled, they are not reported and the fees for the test are not refunded.

Dismissal from a Test Center

You may be dismissed from a test session or your scores may be canceled if you:

• take the test for someone else or have someone take the test for you
• fail to provide valid identification
• illegally or inappropriately access the test or information about the test
• use or possess a telephone or cell phone at the test or during breaks
• use mechanical pencils, pens, pagers, beepers, calculators, watch calculators, books, pamphlets, notes, rulers, highlighter pens, stereos or radios with headphones, watch alarms, stop watches, dictionaries, translators, PDAs, BlackBerry devices, and any hand-held electronic or photographic devices. The decision what constitutes disruptive behavior is up to the test administrator.
• attempt to give or receive assistance. Communication in any form is forbidden.
• remove or try to remove any test content, scratch paper, or notes relating to the test
• go back to, look through, or work on any test, or section, when the time has been called or you are not authorized to do so
• tamper with the computer
• leave the test room or test center without permission at the test or during breaks
• bring a weapon or firearm into the test center
• bring food, drink or tobacco into the testing room
• take excessive or prolonged unscheduled breaks
• fail to comply with regulations specified by the test administrator or in any test materials

Rescheduled Tests

In case the test cannot be undertaken because of weather conditions or any other circumstances beyond control of the Educational Testing Service, the start of the test can be delayed or the test itself can be rescheduled. If the test session is canceled or if the scores of a person are impossible to report, this person is allowed to retake the test free of charge or obtain a full refund.

There is also a possibility of travel expenses reimbursement. For this one must contact TOEFL® Services in the area in advance (30 days before the original test date) and give detailed explanation of the problem why the expenses should be refunded. Besides such details as name, date of birth, mailing and e-mail address, daytime telephone number, original test date and registration number should be given. The refund must be requested personally be the individual taking the TOEFL test.