Test Scores
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Test Scores
What is the score scale for the paper-based test?

test_scoresSection Score Scale
Listening 31-68
Structure 31-68
Reading 31-67
Total 310-677
Writing (on a separate scale) 0-6

Is the TWE score be part of the TOEFL score?

No. Your score report shows the TWE score separately.

When will I get my score reports and how many do I get for free?

Score results will be mailed to you and to the institutions listed on your answer sheet approximately five weeks after the test date. Ņonsider under no circumstances can score reports be mailed any earlier.
It is allows 7-10 days for deliveries within the continental U.S. and additional time for deliveries to other areas.

You may obtain your scores by phone before receiving your copy of the examinee score record by mail. Then, you can consult the score reporting schedule to find out when your scores will be available.

The test fee entitles you to one printed examinee's score record and up to four official score reports sent from ETS to the institutions of your choice.

How long will my score be valid?

Scores are valid for two years after the test date. But scores more than two years old cannot report.

How can I cancel my scores?

Complete the score cancellation section of your answer sheet or contact TOEFL Services immediately after the test.