PBT: Frequently Asked Questions
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PBT: Frequently Asked Questions
What is the test like?

The test includes three sections, plus a 30-minute writing test (the Test of Written English) that is required of everyone who takes the paper-based test. This takes about three and one-half hours to complete everything.
Section Time Limit No. of Questions
Listening Comprehension 30-40 minutes 50
Structure and Written Expression 25 minutes 40
Reading Comprehension 55 minutes 50
Writing (Test of Written English) 30 minutes 1 topic

There is no scheduled break during the paper-based test.

What am I tested on in each section?

 Listening measures the ability to understand English as it is spoken in North America.

 Structure measures the ability to recognize language that is appropriate for standard written English.

 Reading measures the ability to understand short passages similar in topic and style to academic texts used in colleges and universities.

 Writing measures the ability to write in English on an assigned topic.

Are all the questions multiple choice?

Most of the questions are multiple choice.

How can I prepare?

 Review the Sample Questions before taking the test.
Free Test Prep - ETS provides official test preparation materials for free to anyone who registers for the TOEFL exam worldwide.
Priced Test Prep - ETS also offers additional test preparation materials for set prices.

Other Topics

 Do I have to take the Test of Written English (TWE)?

Yes. You must take the Test of Written English if you are taking the paper-based version of TOEFL. There is no additional charge for the TWE test.

 If I am running out of time, should I guess or leave some answers blank?

Make every effort to complete each section; Data indicate that most candidates get higher scores if they finish the test.

There is a chance that random guessing at the end of a section can seriously lower scores. Consider the best strategy is to pace oneself suchwise you have enough time to consider each question without guessing.