What to Expect on Test Day
If you need instructions on procedure of a testing or you are just interested in what you can expect on test day, read the article and you'll get the information you need.
What to Expect on Test Day

The TOEFL PBT is a paper based test for English foreign learners. You have to take TOEFL test if you are not a native-speaker of English and want to apply to College or University in which English is required (as usual expecteducational establishments in Northern America, Canada and Western Europe) or work in place, where English is important. Paper based test is taken with a help of pencil on a paper.

Test center Guidelines, Policies and Procedures
• There is no possibility to make schedule changes;
• Outside people (friends or relatives) are not allowed to be present during the test;
• You never know what the temperature in a room for testing will be, so be ready for any room temperature (dressing is meant);
• You can not take the test without written (not printed) and signed a confidentiality statement.
• Two your pictures are needed to place them at your assigned station and on your score report.
• Paper for your notes and scratches is provided and must be returned at the end of the session.
• If you have any technical problem during the test, raise your hand.
• Testing premises are videotaped.

Personal Items
• Your personal items must be put in definite place, you’ll receive instructions.
• You are not allowed to have your personal items with you during the test. They will be collected by test center staff.
• If you do not follow directions, you cannot take the test.
• Test centers and ETS assume no responsibility for personal items or devices that you bring into the center.
If the students violate any point of this procedure they may result in cancellation of their scores, dismissal by the test center staff, or banning from future testing.

• Students can not choose the seat on their own desire. Usually the test administrator assigns seat.

• The TOEFL PBT takes about 3½ hours.
• Each section has a time limit. If you finish a section early, you cannot go to another section.