Paper-Based Test
Get to know about Paper-based Toefl test that tests essentially the same skills as the CBT, albeit with some differences, noticeably the number of questions and the score scales. Find useful preparation advice and test passing ideas.


Paper-Based Test
The TOEFL test has different versions that are used in different countries. All versions are equally valid  and reliable  and are developed and administered based on the stringent ETS Standards for Quality and Fairness.

In areas where the iBT and CBT are not available, a paper-based test (PBT) is given. The PBT TOEFL test comprises three sections plus a 30-minute writing test (the Test of Written English).

The raw score for each section is converted by statistical means to a number on what is called the TOEFL test scale. The total paper-based test score is reported on a scale that ranges from 310 to 677.

Before Taking the Test
Get to know the main principles of successful taking any exam. Perform all the points and feel yourself confident before and during the test.
Paper-Based TOEFL Test
Get general info about the Paper-based TOEFL test. Discover TOEFL PBT sections, measuring language proficiency in listening, structure, reading and writing.
PBT: Frequently Asked Questions
Check out info about frequently asked questions section that contains questions and answers about the TOEFL Paper-based test.
Score Reports
Find out useful advice about how you can get your scores and order additional score reports.
Test Day Policies
Find out main rules of the TOEFL test taking process. Read about the main principles of behaviour and situations which are unacceptable, inappropriate and may result in the dismissal or score cancellation.
Test Registration
Explore the list of frequently asked questions about Paper-based test registration. Find out how test takers may register the test and how long will TOEFL testing be available in your country.
Test Scores
Look through info about different sections' scores, scores from previous tests. Clear up score scale changing.
TOEFL PBT Instructions
The TOEFL PBT has three sections: reading comprehension, structure and written expression, and listening comprehension. Read the article to know more about tasks in each section.
TOEFL PBT Structure
Discover more fundamental details with reference to three sections of the TOEFL Paper Based Test.
What to Bring on Test Day
Here you will find the list of documents, information and supplies that you need to bring with you on test day.
What to Expect on Test Day
If you need instructions on procedure of a testing or you are just interested in what you can expect on test day, read the article and you'll get the information you need.