Writing Skills
Read the article and find out what requirements for the writing part of a TOEFL iBT are and how you can improve your essay writing skills.
Writing Skills

writingWriting Based on Reading and Listening

GOOD performance (4.0-5.0) means you have coped with the task successfully and managed to appropriately relate the listening task (lecture) to the reading. Your shortcomings may have included minor inaccuracies in summary and some small grammatical mistakes.

Continue developing your skills by reading two articles on the same topic and trying to summarize which points they have in common and in which aspects they differ (in written form). You may also combine your listening and reading activities by finding articles on the academic topics or topics you can discuss with your lecturer or friend.

FAIR performance (2.5-3.5) presupposes you can relate what you have heard to what you have read but with the following shortcomings: some important ideas may be not present or may be unclearly stated; the relation between the information heard and read may be stated inexplicitly or there may be sufficient amount of grammatical/spelling/sentence structure mistakes, which make the reading of the writing difficult.

Record some TV or radio programs and then listen to them, stopping the recording every 30-40 seconds and taking summarizing notes on what you have heard. Then play the recordings one more time and check if you were correct.

LIMITED score (1.0-2.0) is given to the response, which fails to relate the lecture to the reading passage (or completely to understand the listening/reading part of the assignment) or which contains numerous mistakes of all kinds and vague expressions that greatly interfere with writing understanding.

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