Writing Skills
Read the article and find out what requirements for the writing part of a TOEFL iBT are and how you can improve your essay writing skills.
Writing Skills

Writing Based on Knowledge and Experience

GOOD performance score in this kind of writing gives you credit for a well-developed answer. There may be such weaknesses (not necessarily, however) as not enough of idiomatic expressions, some minor grammar mistakes, not fully developed strong ideas.

The improvement of essay writing skills on this level includes studying the ways prominent writers and editors do their writings (style, sentence structure, ideas arrangement and presentation).

For the performance at a FAIR level, your response should have included reasons, examples and certain details together with some problems, such as
• not enough supporting details for your main points;
• the organization of your writing may be inappropriate with your points being difficult to follow;
• a sufficient amount of grammatical mistakes or unclear expression of the ideas.

There is a helpful technique for improving your essay writing skills: write an essay responding to the article, but take an opposite point of view than that of the author, support your opinion with specific examples, give appropriate details, and make your writing logical and coherent by using connecting words. Then reread what you have written and try to objectively evaluate, whether you fully develop each of your statements and whether your proofs and the writing in whole is clear.

The deficiencies of the LIMITED scoring (1.0-2.0) include not enough of support to your opinions, your opinions being not related to the topic under discussion or/and a large amount of all kinds of mistakes, which make it difficult to follow the flow of your writing.

You should study the principles according to which good paragraphs as well as essays are written. A prompt: a well-written paragraph discusses one main idea, which is usually stated in the first sentence called topic sentence. Further in the paragraph the idea is supported by examples, statistics or opinions. Each paragraph in an essay usually discusses interrelated but different ideas, which are, nevertheless, connected to the main overall ideal of the essay.

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