Speaking Skills
Get to know how your speaking skills will be evaluated during the test and the main tips for the improvement of your level as an English language speaker.
Speaking Skills

Speaking About Campus Situationsspeaking

GOOD level (3.5-4.0) means you can clearly and coherently (only with minor mistakes) speak on the topics related to the studying process and student’s life.

Not to stop in your improvement, use each and every opportunity to speak English and develop fluency, encourage other people to speak English in a variety of situations.

At FAIR level (2.5-3.0) you can rather freely speak about various aspects of student’s life and activities. You make some mistakes in grammar, vocabulary as well as pronunciation; however, they do not significantly interfere with listeners’ overall understanding of what you say.

Try to speak more often on the topics connected with academic studying and leisure activities of the students. If possible find a partner (a native speaker or the one with good command of English) and devote some time during the day entirely to the communication in English. Read and discuss with your friend the articles in English from the Internet, try to summarize the information you have read orally.

If you score at a LIMITED level (1.5-2.0), you are most likely to face some difficulties when talking about the information from conversations, educational publications and newspapers. While you are able to retell the main information, you cannot develop fully what you want to say and listeners have to deal with the problems of your incorrect pronunciation, grammar and limited vocabulary.

Find people to speak to in English, since regular time spent communicating only in English will be of a great value for the improvement of your speaking skills.

WEAK level (0-1.0) usually implies inability to give relevant information to the topic and unclear explanations with plenty of mistakes.

A conversation class in English may help improve vocabulary, fluency, grammar and pronunciation.

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