Listening Skills
Listening is the second part of the TOEFL test. Estimate your level of this kind of skills and read about possible improvements you can make.
Listening Skills

listeningPerformance Level – HIGH (score 22-30)

If you have scored at high level, your ability of listening comprehension is very good. You can understand conversations on a wide range of topics, notice both main ideas and details no matter whether they are said explicitly or implied. Moreover, you are able to differentiate between important and secondary information and can determine how it is interrelated. You can also deduce the purpose of the speech been made and synthesize and infer from the information even if it is presented non-sequentially.

Advice for Improvement

• Develop your listening skills by listening to various sources: academic lectures, life tours, audio and video material on academic topics, everyday conversations, phone calls, etc.
• Complicate your listening tasks by taking longer passages, texts and the ones that deal with an unfamiliar to you subject.
• Listen actively, which involves taking notes on the main ideas, predicting what you will hear and summarizing what you have heard, as well as writing down unknown words.
• Listen texts that are very difficult several times (if you have a chance): first, for the gist; then, for specific details.

Performance Level – INTERMEDIATE (score 14-21)

Your score of an intermediate level proves that you have a good understanding of complicated listening tasks, which include a wide variety of topics and specific vocabulary, grammar and sentence structures. However, you experience difficulties perceiving information that seems unexpected or contradictory. You feel confident in determining main and subordinate ideas and identifying how they relate to each other, especially if they are mentioned several times. Besides, you are capable of understanding the speaker’s purpose (at most times) and synthesize ideas that are mentioned together or close to each other but not the ones that are given in different lecture/text parts.

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