TOEFL iBT Performance Feedback
Learn the correlation between specific skills and TOEFL scores and what to improve judging from your individual scoring on the test.

indexAre you interested in what score on your TOEFL iBT corresponds to what skills level? Learn now the specific abilities and knowledge for different points scoring and read sample recommendations on what and how you should improve. You can use those recommendations to prepare for your future test taking either via internet or on computer/paper. The performance feedback will help you concentrate on specific skills you need to acquire in each test activity.

Listening Skills
Listening is the second part of the TOEFL test. Estimate your level of this kind of skills and read about possible improvements you can make.
Reading Skills
Get to know what is assessed at the reading part of the TOEFL test, which skills correspond to what score and which skills improvements your score presupposes.
Speaking Skills
Get to know how your speaking skills will be evaluated during the test and the main tips for the improvement of your level as an English language speaker.
Writing Skills
Read the article and find out what requirements for the writing part of a TOEFL iBT are and how you can improve your essay writing skills.