TOEFL iBT Speaking Tips
Find out here some suggestions for ways to build your speaking skills that will be necessary while passing TOEFL iBT speaking section.
TOEFL iBT Speaking Tips
Today there are numerous ways used to prepare well for all TOEFL test’s sections including speaking. But most effective way to prepare for the TOEFL test is speaking with native speakers of English as much as possible. For those students living in no English-speaking countries, finding native speakers of English to speak with can be not so easy. In a number of countries, there are English-speaking tutors who can help students with their conversation and overall communication abilities. One more way you can practice speaking is to link a club that engages speaking in English about movies, music, travel and other popular topics. You may also try starting your own club and invite native speakers you know to join if no such club exists in your area. Here are some suggestions for you to consider while preparation for the TOEFL:

  Try to state an opinion or preference within a 1-minute time limit.

  Read a short article and make an outline that simply comprises the main points of the article. Make use of the outline to sum up the information orally.

  Find listening and reading material on the similar theme. The material can present alike or dissimilar views. Take notes or produce outlines on the listening and reading material and do the next steps:

 toefl_ibt_speaking_tips       Summarize the information in both orally, and then orally produce by combining the information from the reading and listening materials and give details how they relate.

       Conclude an opinion about the ideas and information offered in the reading and listening material.

  Record yourself as you practice, and ask yourself different questions (Did I speak clearly?; Did I use words correctly?; Did I make grammatical errors?).

  Check your own progress by keeping an audio journal of your speaking practice. In addition you can ask for advice from friends, tutors or teachers. Teachers can use the TOEFL iBT Speaking Scoring Guide to assess your practice.